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Improve search rankings organically by investing time in a Digital Marketing Strategy


If you are a small business then integrating your digital networks with your website requires a lot of careful thought. How do you intend to manage your social media platforms once the site is launched? If you already have an established digital audience (via Twitter for example), then you have a head start. If you are new to social networks then you must invest time in a Digital Marketing Strategy. It’s not simply a case of your web designer adding social sharing or a twitter feed to the page template.

You will need to harness the full power of social networks by engaging with your audience or customers in a very human way. There are some great time saving apps to help you manage your social networks (including Buffer and Hootsuite). But you should ensure that you retain a human element to your tweets or status updates by generating interesting, up to date content in an organic way.

If you take the attitude that your product or service is strong enough on it’s own without the need to engage with customers then you will continue to languish in the basement of Google’s search algorithms. Clients often ask their web designer to get their site higher up in the Google rankings. Well, we can have a small effect in terms of a good user experience (UX) and well formed code. But this only comes into play once a user has landed on a page.

In fact, the design of a page has little impact on search results. What matters is how interesting your content is, how well you manage your customer service strategy and that you are in touch with your digital networks on a regular basis.