Paul Kent, Freelance Web Designer, East Sussex, UK.

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We do most of our mobile browsing at home or work


Internet usage via mobile and tablet devices is now outstripping desktop browsing. However statistics are revealing that people invariably using their smart phones or iPads either at home or work, suggesting they are not necessarily on the move and more likely sitting on a comfortable sofa. Which does seem logical if you think about it. Browsing the web requires you physically to be in a relaxed posture, similar to reading a book or newspaper.

If you are browsing on a smaller screen then you are entitled to a good user experience! There is nothing more frustrating than a website that is hard to navigate with your fingers, takes ages to load or the text is tiny. All the website projects I work on now are designed to a mobile first specification. Given the tighter viewing area on smaller screens, this helps decide which content and features are absolutely necessary to fulfill the business objectives.

A responsive mobile first approach is a practical starting point. The entire website is an entity that adapts to each browsing environment, whether it be a tablet, laptop or large desktop display. The point is that content and user experience takes priority and should be easily accessible without having to build multiple websites for each device.