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The coffee remains, but I now have endless software updates


So, at last I am pleased to be publishing a new PK website, which will provide an expanded blog section. What I hope to do is share my views, observations, knowledge and thoughts on the digital arts. For those of us who have been around since the dawn of the internet (and for some of us since before the dawn of desktop publishing) we have experienced a phenomenal amount of change to our working practices.

A designer now has a vast array of tools and apps at their disposal which in theory allows us more time to focus on creativity. However, back in the 1990s all I had to worry about having a good stash of sketch paper, a supply of coloured pens and plenty of coffee. The coffee remains, but I now have endless software updates, newsletter subscriptions and an ever expanding inbox.

In order that I keep my work space manageable I have learned to stay meticulously organised and keep my web design toolkit nice and lean. While information fatigue is certainly a growing issue for everyone, it afflicts developers and designers more directly. We live and breathe the web, always troubleshooting, debugging and striving to build usable websites that are beautifully designed and make our clients proud of their brand.

Looking ahead, technology can only get easier to work with and fade more into the background. We can all then look forward to a less data intensive lifestyle.